Musica Marker

his is the music player with position slider and marker.
You can mark start-position (store start-time) in your picked music from library.
It is useful to practice the music instruments, study a foreign language and so on.
The marks are stored in the table view list, and retrieved by touching the list.
The iPhone headphone center button is used for next (2 clicks) or previous (3 clicks) music search and 8 seconds back (3 clicks when music stopping).

Button functions
music : Pick music from library
list : Select music which start-position is marked
play : Play music
next : play next music (if the end of list, to the top)
prev : play previouse music (if the top of list, to the end)
8 prev : back 8 seconds from current time
Flag : mark position and store to list
Flag above slider : Play music at the marked position

Table list is editable (move, delete).



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